Fashion Meets Tech: Pic Me by MOSCHINO


High-end fashion houses are slowly, but surely embracing the fact that social media is one of the best ways to directly connect with their fans.  MOSCHINO has now joined the ranks of Christian Dior, CHANEL, and others by starting a full on social media campaign titled “Pic Me by MOSCHINO”.

MOSCHINO fans will have the opportunity to personalize pictures with a choice of distinctive MOSCHINO picture frames, which will be updated constantly by the fashion house’s creative team. Pictures can then be shared with friends and social media contacts.

Once you create your “Pic Me” photo, you can add another personal touch by commenting on your photo through ‘Post It’ style graphics.

Visit “Pic Me” here:

You can also watch the video:


Saks Fifth Avenue dives into ‘social shopping’ with its new ad campaign

Saks Social Media Ad campaign with @ symbol


With Shop My Label being at the forefront of the “social shopping” craze, coming across this new ad campaign for Saks Fifth Avenue sent giddy vibes up and down our spine.

Seeing a more traditional luxury department store embrace social media the way Saks has done in this campaign is definitely a sign that social media/shopping is a force to be reckoned with.

Saks is very active on Twitter and therefore took advantage of their iconic logo and branded shopping bags nobody dares throw away.  With just one glance a the campaign or shopping bags, you’ll know where to find Saks online, instantly.

Fashion lovers adore their brands, fashion lovers are also online–it therefore makes sense for brands to follow their fans and establish themselves online and create social relationships.  It clearly works the other way around as well–brand lovers go where their favorite brands go.

Shop My Label is the bridge (or runway) for the fashioning individuals who love to shop, inspire their friends to shop, and make money while at it.

Saks is one of Shop My Label’s 1000+ brands you’ll have access to for shopping, sharing, and selling to your friends.

Have you signed up for an invite?

Saks Social Media Ad campaign with @ symbol



Saks Social Media Ad campaign with @ symbol

You can view the entire ad campaign over at Pentagram, the firm behind the design of the new Saks brand featuring the @ symbol.

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