Caught Behind The Rope, NO MORE!

Caught Behind The Rope, NO MORE!

Matt Damaskos



What’s up everybody? I’m Matt Damaskos, an upcoming senior at Fordham University majoring in Business Administration with a major concentration in Marketing, as well as Finance.  This summer, I’m applying my marketing interest and experience to Shop My Label’s Summer internship program. It was my love of men’s fashion along with a passion for digital media that lead me here.  That’s enough about me now. Time to dig into the moral of this post.

Earlier this month, I moved to New York City.  Since moving to “The City” (as I and everyone else likes to call it) from my hometown of Medford, MA, I have come across a couple of challenges.  No, they are not the expected challenges of adapting to being a Boston sports fan in enemy territory (i.e. New York Yankees, Jets, Giants, and Rangers).  This particular challenge came about when dressing for a night out for my friend’s 21st Birthday Party at the Gansevoort Hotel Rooftop.  For time’s sake, I am going to spare you all the birthday festivity details and just cut to the good part.


As we arrived at the Gansevoort, there seemed to have been some confusion about the amount of people to be allowed express admittance, so my friend and I had to wait in line behind the dreaded “velvet rope”. As we made our way to the front, I looked at my friend’s footwear, shocked to see the silver running sneakers that we had all nicknamed the “silver bullets”.  Unfortunately, I glanced to see the rope man take similar notice JUST as he was about to allow us entrance. I knew from his look that our night had come to an end. And it had.

Caught behind the rope, no more. Below is the Shop window I created on Shop My Label of items that will always guarantee admittance, no matter who’s playing rope man!



Gucci – Solid Dress Shirt

Dior Homme – Classic Leather Belt

Boss Black – James Brown Dress Pants

Boss Black – Logo Bit Loafers

Shop this window here:

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