Fashion Meets Tech: BeSpeak Personal Stylist App for Men


Screenshots of the BeSpeak Personal Stylist App for the iPhone

Here’s one that’s bound to become the go-to app for men (and women) of all fashion calibers. Imagine having a personal stylist by your side at any given time?  Well this is what the BeSpeak Personal Stylist app is.

It’s specifically tailored to the fashions of men.  However, men need not only download this very useful app.  Women can easily find comfort in BeSpeak by also entering her loved one’s info and creating a profile that will help put together any type of outfit.

Here are the deets from Apple:

BeSpeak® Personal Stylist
Wear the ultimate mantle of all: confidence!

– Create a personal profile based on hair color, skin tone, eye color, face shape, body shape and size.
– Get profile-driven outfit recommendations.
– Lock & load recommendations: use any garment as a starting point, lock,
reload, lock another, etc. until you really love the whole outfit.
– Instantly evaluate new outfits on the go.
– Coordinate clothes from your wardrobe.
– Input a loved one’s profile and take the guesswork out of gift giving.
– Build the ultimate closet by storing profile-perfect clothes.
– Develop dressing style skills.

BeSpeak® provides guidance for men’s business dressing style (suit, dress shirt, tie, and pocket square). Dressing well is easier than you probably think. The difference between looking presentable and looking incredible lies in having a style personalized for you and you alone. And that’s exactly what the BeSpeak app does – it provides personal recommendations and fashion evaluations based on your unique physical characteristics. It’s like having the ultimate personal stylist at your fingertips.

Pick up the BeSpeak Personal Stylist App at the Apple Store.

Screenshots of the BeSpeak Personal Stylist App for the iPhone

Screenshots of the BeSpeak Personal Stylist App for the iPhone

Screenshot of the BeSpeak Personal Stylist App for the iPhone

Screenshot of the BeSpeak Personal Stylist App for the iPhone


Holiday Looks for Men: Cozy sweaters, the perfect trouser, bow ties + more


Now that you’re done drooling over Bradley Cooper

Friday we scoured our 1000+ brand partners to find our favorite holiday looks for women.  Today, we looked for some of the trendiest, dapper looks for men for the holidays.

Are you the type of gentleman that loves to go all out for the holidays with luxurious evening jackets, bow ties, and the works? OR  Are you the classic guy that enjoys trendy attire appropriately fitting the occasion without all the fuss? Well, we’ve got you both and the ultra-casual dude covered in this round-up of holiday looks for men.

Gucci evening jacket holiday looks for men on shop my label

Gucci Evening Jacket

You can find this ultra-dapper look on  This luxurious evening jacket by Gucci will definitely help any discerning man make the right entrance. It’s a splurge we like to call and investment piece….you can pull this jacket out decades from now and still be on-trend. $3,100 at Saks.


(l to r) Polo Ralph Lauren, BOSS Black, Molly Rodgers bow ties

What better way to follow a prime evening jackets than with silk bow ties.  If you’re going all out, leave the traditional tie at home and go for the bow tie. Pick it up them up for $55-$85 at Saks.

dl1961-trouser-jeans holiday looks for men on shop my label

5071 Justin in Teak XFIT - 360º Of Movement Trouser by DL1961

Let’s switch gears for a moment and indulge the casual trendy guy that would appreciate a hip pair of jeans that double up as trousers. These 5071 Justin Teak trouser jeans by DL1961 will suit him. $178 at DL1961.

armani collezioni jersey vest holiday looks for men on shop my label

Armani Collezioni Jersey Vest

For the guy that falls in between casual and elegant.  If you find a jersey vest like this one by Armani Collezioni you’ll look dashing without the extra fuss. $475 at Saks.

cole haan air cotton oxfords holiday looks for men from saks

Cole Haan Air Colton Oxfords

Nothing like a perfect pair of Oxfords for the holiday season, especially these that coincidentally happen to have a tiny splash of red/maroon laces.  These by Cole Haan will work during and after the holiday season. $198 at Saks.

Hugo Wool Cardigan holiday looks for men

Hugo Wool Cardigan

For the perfect mix of casual and dress, pair up a simple/clean cardigan like this one by Hugo with a classic solid bow tie. $225 at Saks.

scotch and soda hand knit wool sweater holiday look for men on shop my label

Scotch & Soda Hand-Knit Wool Sweater

For the traditionalist that wants to stay away from patchwork sweaters, this cozy sweater by Scotch & Soda will warm you up just right. $207 at Saks.


Varigated Striped V-neck by A|X Armani Exchange

Holiday sweaters don’t need to be obviously cheery.  Pair a fun striped sweater with your favorite tee that happens to have a bright hue for a pop of color.  Pick this sweater up at the A|X Armani Exchange website for $98.

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