Caught Behind The Rope, NO MORE!

Caught Behind The Rope, NO MORE!

Matt Damaskos



What’s up everybody? I’m Matt Damaskos, an upcoming senior at Fordham University majoring in Business Administration with a major concentration in Marketing, as well as Finance.  This summer, I’m applying my marketing interest and experience to Shop My Label’s Summer internship program. It was my love of men’s fashion along with a passion for digital media that lead me here.  That’s enough about me now. Time to dig into the moral of this post.

Earlier this month, I moved to New York City.  Since moving to “The City” (as I and everyone else likes to call it) from my hometown of Medford, MA, I have come across a couple of challenges.  No, they are not the expected challenges of adapting to being a Boston sports fan in enemy territory (i.e. New York Yankees, Jets, Giants, and Rangers).  This particular challenge came about when dressing for a night out for my friend’s 21st Birthday Party at the Gansevoort Hotel Rooftop.  For time’s sake, I am going to spare you all the birthday festivity details and just cut to the good part.


As we arrived at the Gansevoort, there seemed to have been some confusion about the amount of people to be allowed express admittance, so my friend and I had to wait in line behind the dreaded “velvet rope”. As we made our way to the front, I looked at my friend’s footwear, shocked to see the silver running sneakers that we had all nicknamed the “silver bullets”.  Unfortunately, I glanced to see the rope man take similar notice JUST as he was about to allow us entrance. I knew from his look that our night had come to an end. And it had.

Caught behind the rope, no more. Below is the Shop window I created on Shop My Label of items that will always guarantee admittance, no matter who’s playing rope man!



Gucci – Solid Dress Shirt

Dior Homme – Classic Leather Belt

Boss Black – James Brown Dress Pants

Boss Black – Logo Bit Loafers

Shop this window here:


Life After Modeling?

This time between New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week brings about questions about transitioning in the modeling world. In this article by New York Magazine, Jada Yuan interviews Karolina Kurkova, Angelina  Lindvall, and Coco Rocha on their thoughts about their futures. Isn’t it a bit crazy that models have an incredibly short shelf life and have to think about what they will do when their careers are over at age 23? Ageism is so intense in the modeling world that the Council of Fashion Designers of America issued a plea for designers and modeling agencies not to let girls under the age of 16 walk in New York Fashion Week. But not everyone complies.

Other models have tried their hands at acting, music, photography, and launching clothing, beauty, and jewelry lines… but not everyone makes it like Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, and Chanel Iman (who now runs a $25 million cosmetics company).

More and more, models in the industry need to learn how to balance building a brand that will ease the transition out of the industry without screwing up their active careers in modeling.

ICB – First Ever Online Runway Show

On February 15th, Prabal Gurung debuted his new ready to wear fall collection for ICB, the Japanese label that is relaunching in the U.S. this fall. But what’s fascinating about ICB, which stands for International Concept Brand, is that ICB hosted its show entirely on a virtual platform, making it the first ever online runway show. The show was available on Digital Fashion Shows, a platform for runway shows created by the fashion PR firm KCD.

What the online fashion show lacks in excitement and showmanship, the show made up for it in efficiency and ease. The concept was created by KCD in response to changing attitudes towards fashion and a perceived need. We all know how hectic fashion week can be with the crowds of paparazzi and hordes of attendees. Online fashion shows can be viewed anywhere and at any time, eliminating lots of waiting and frustration. Additionally, younger people in the industry are conditioned to viewing clothes online before they see them in person. Still, the show was invite-only.

Another component adding to the convenience of the show is the ability to take notes, mark favorite looks, and email photos with the notes to friends.

We also loved the show for the pops of color, artistic prints, and architectural skirts and dresses.

Rachel Roy – Fall 2012

For Fall 2012, Rachel Roy did what she does best – design subtly edgy and low maintenance clothes for the modern, fashionable woman. The theme for her collection was the “modern landscape” which definitely came across with the earthy brown and green, blue, fuchsia, and orange hues that she used.

Walter Van Beirendonck – Autumn Winter 2012-2013

Perhaps one of the most interesting collections of this Fashion Week season is the collection by the Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck. Beirendonck covered all of his models’ faces with masks in order to dehumanize his models, while toying with influences of S&M fetish culture. His trademark playful colors are juxtaposed with the stark creepiness and fear infused in his looks. Sometimes elegant, sometimes conservative, definitely scary, powerful, and sexual. Beirendonck’s collection is one that deserves and will garner a second look.

SALE! 25 Percent off Nine West Boutique 9 Spring Collection!

nine west sale for boutique 9 shoes

Ladies this is one not to miss! Nine West is having a 25 percent off sale on their Boutique 9 shoes.  The sale is so great we had to post about it.  Boutique 9 by Nine West features a fabulous collection of the latest shoe trends including, color-block, gold, florals, peep toe pumps, and more.

Visit to shop the sale! I’d hurry because the sale is for a limited time only.

Did you know that you can stock your Shop My Label shop with these ultra-trendy shoes? Have you requested your Shop My Label Shopkeeper invite yet?

Fashion DIY: How to Channel 1960’s Italian Vintage


One of my favorite eras is the 1960’s, particularly Italian 60’s.  The cinched wastes, sexy hour glass silhouettes, and warm wool–all contribute to a fabulously romantic attire.  Thanks to the Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 RTW collection by Marc Jacobs, this fashion era was revisited brilliantly and the idea of a well-dressed woman is given attention.

Elle Magazine did an amazing  job in giving simple pointers on how to style yourself to channel this oh-so-fab vintage era.  They even include a simple checklist of the 1960’s essentials needed to don the look without seeming to try too hard.  Effortless chic is what we all want.

Are there any other fashion eras you love?


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