The Ivy Style exhibition at FIT is a collection of what is known as the classic American look which began on the campuses of schools like Harvard and Princeton in the early twentieth Century. The curators did an exceptional job setting up the ‘mood’ for you. All of the looks were presented thematically, within the large room they are all presented were smaller ‘sets’ of various college activities such as a classroom or a formal evening event. Each section contained corresponding looks which evoked the liveliness and practical use of the clothes, rather than simply mannequins wearing garments.


The typical Yale or Princeton college student then versus the typical now varies only in few areas. The overall look is very similar. To drive that point further, it was not uncommon to see a 1960 Brooks Brothers blazer and button down paired with khakis presented next to a strikingly similar 2009 Thom Brown ensemble where the only exaggerated difference is the length of the pant and color of the shirt.


My favorite part of the show was a particular look, the raccoon coat which was a fad among college students in the 1920’s. The coats were usually full-length dusters reaching to the ground, with exaggerated collars and swanky buttons. As intrigued by this look as I was I did research beyond the small blurb written about it in the show. I found out that the trend peaked in 1928 and that many sources agree that no respectable frat boy could afford to be caught dead without a raccoon coat as his principal fashion statement. The coat even underwent a short-lived revival in the mid 1950’s. At the end of the day I was glad to have taken a small part of my day to explore and learn more about what is considered the quintessential American look know as Ivy style.



Caught Behind The Rope, NO MORE!

Caught Behind The Rope, NO MORE!

Matt Damaskos



What’s up everybody? I’m Matt Damaskos, an upcoming senior at Fordham University majoring in Business Administration with a major concentration in Marketing, as well as Finance.  This summer, I’m applying my marketing interest and experience to Shop My Label’s Summer internship program. It was my love of men’s fashion along with a passion for digital media that lead me here.  That’s enough about me now. Time to dig into the moral of this post.

Earlier this month, I moved to New York City.  Since moving to “The City” (as I and everyone else likes to call it) from my hometown of Medford, MA, I have come across a couple of challenges.  No, they are not the expected challenges of adapting to being a Boston sports fan in enemy territory (i.e. New York Yankees, Jets, Giants, and Rangers).  This particular challenge came about when dressing for a night out for my friend’s 21st Birthday Party at the Gansevoort Hotel Rooftop.  For time’s sake, I am going to spare you all the birthday festivity details and just cut to the good part.


As we arrived at the Gansevoort, there seemed to have been some confusion about the amount of people to be allowed express admittance, so my friend and I had to wait in line behind the dreaded “velvet rope”. As we made our way to the front, I looked at my friend’s footwear, shocked to see the silver running sneakers that we had all nicknamed the “silver bullets”.  Unfortunately, I glanced to see the rope man take similar notice JUST as he was about to allow us entrance. I knew from his look that our night had come to an end. And it had.

Caught behind the rope, no more. Below is the Shop window I created on Shop My Label of items that will always guarantee admittance, no matter who’s playing rope man!



Gucci – Solid Dress Shirt

Dior Homme – Classic Leather Belt

Boss Black – James Brown Dress Pants

Boss Black – Logo Bit Loafers

Shop this window here:

We LOVE our SML Shopkeeper Mayi Dapena. She has an effortless easy-breezy style that cools us in this Summer heat.

DK: Describe your style in 3 words.

MD: Relaxed (one word) haha!

DK: Obvious you love fashion…What are your other interests?

MD: I love the beach (Stand Up Paddle boarding, surfing…)

DK: What is your next Shop Window inspiration?

MD: Get some SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding stuff!)…water sports would be my inspiration. Water wear, paddle, SUP board…summer stuff!

DK: If your house happens to cath on fire and you can only save ONE thing from your closet…


DK: If you got invited to meet the President of the United States, which designer would make your gown?

MD: Oscar de la Renta

DK: What is your biggest fashion faux pas?

MD: I am a walking fashion faux pas..haha!

DK: Who is your all-time favorite style icon?

MD: I don’t really have a style icon…explains the previous answer, no? 😉

DK: Pumps or Wedges?

MD: Wedges

DK: Gorgeous necklace or show-stopping ring?

MD: ANKLET! (yes, i know it wasn’t an option…but it’s still my answer ;))

DK: Winter or Summer girl? (i think we know the answer to this one already, hehe)

MD: Yes, SUMMER!!!


Time Travel through Fashion with David Wolfe – Part I



Yesterday, interns Adriana, Jackyln, and Jie had the opportunity to attend a seminar led by Mr. David Wolfe, considered one of fashion’s leading experts in fashion, color, and trend forecast.  We were received by Mr. Wolfe himself and as we waited for the seminar to begin we were able to get an inside look at the different trends that seem to line all the hallways within the Doneger Group’s office.     


Mr. Wolfe started the seminar Time Travel through Fashion by introducing what the ideal woman looked like at the turn of the 20th century and continued to present how this concept evolved in the following decades during the rest of his presentation.  He touched upon the many developments such as those in the automobile, aviation, and film industries that helped transform this ideal and also described how global events catalyzed the evolution of fashion.  He spoke about how fashion was used to reflect current situations across the globe.  World War I and the Great Depression, for example, paved the way for more freedom in the way women dressed. 


Overall, the seminar was really insightful and it made the audience ponder on the intrinsic relationship between fashion and the world at large.  It was very fun to hear Mr. Wolfe speak about this topic, primarily because he is a great public speaker and has a good sense of humor.  His presentation was filled with witty remarks and fun facts that seemed to captivate the attention of everyone in attendance.   One of the most notable: the first fashion victim! Unlike the term which is nowadays used to describe a fashion faux-pas, back in the 1920s it was used to describe the tragic death of Isadora Duncan, a dancer whose fondness for long scarves ended up costing her her life — her long scarf got caught up in the wheels of the car she was in.  Tragically, she was killed by her own accessory. 


Thank you, Mr. Wolfe, for extending an invitation to Shop My Label and allowing us to take part in your seminar.  We enjoyed it immensely and we are looking forward to Part II of the seminar!!!


Get the Look: The Man from Nantucket

Tis the season! The season of sun, sand, surf  and summer vacation that is! Although this term is normally associated with Christmas and the holidays, June is in full throttle and that means summer is squarely upon us and this widely know term actually fits nicely with all the fun that summer beholds. Coming from a family rich in tradition, one summertime tradition that started before I was born (twenty-two years ago!) was our family’s annual vacation on the island of Nantucket. Nantucket is a small, gem of an island (14 miles long and 6 miles wide) located 30 miles off the coast of  Cape Cod, Massachusetts. There are not enough effusive adjectives to do justice to capture the true beauty of this majestic landmark of the mighty Atlantic.


As I grew, so did my love for Nantucket and everything associated with it, including its pristine beaches, awesome restaurants, great shopping, the world’s best lobster & chowder, and most of all the kick-back attitude and the casual yet classic Nantucket attire. Truth be known, I can’t give all the credit to Nantucket itself, because my deep connection with the island also stems from all the incredible memories I share with my family and our time spent together on our treasured isle.

I cherish these summer memories just as much as the island itself. Those who know me fully understand the deepest love I have in life is the love I feel for my family. Displayed above is a picture of my siblings and me at Cliffside Beach on Nantucket. I have two sisters, Katie and Erin, and my brother Sean. The picture was taken last summer during one of the many unbelievable dinners we’ve enjoyed at a restaurant called the Galley (If anyone takes a trip the “ACK” I highly recommend it!). Not only does it have outstanding cuisine, but it also has a priceless ambiance.  Our table that evening was located just behind the cameraman – who happened to be my Dad! As you can see, it was a near perfect Nantucket sunset famous for being a blend of red, pink and orange rays.

One of the most unique characteristics about Nantucket is its fashion scene. The unforgettable Nantucket look is the iconic, preppy-surfer fashion for guys and lots of pastels and floral outfits for the ladies. When walking around Nantucket, you will see an array of all the bright colors of summer sprinkled around the island. On the fellas, you’ll see sky blue shirts, sand colored khaki pants (the older gents like them adorned with whales, nautical flags or sails) and the classic Nantucket Reds (more on the Reds, later…) shorts. The young male might also sport a rope bracelet and/or a whale’s tooth necklace to complete his outfit. The Nantucket look for women is ruled by pink dresses from Lilly Pulitzer with Tory Burch sandals or floral dresses which evoke a walk through Nantucket gardens and window boxes matched with scrimshaw basket clutches.  In the above picture, my brother and I are both wearing summer colors which are also subtle and muted at the same time. This is ‘Man from Nantucket’ style through and through.


So, back to my family for just a moment.  😉  Above is the entire clan on Surfside Beach located on the southern shore of Nantucket.  In the picture, we’re all wearing quintessential Nantucket wear. I’m the guy with the red shorts on. These shorts are very commonly called “Nantucket Reds” and are by far the most famous color for men on the island.  The actual color and its origin are debated by many, as ‘Reds’ can appear somewhat pink at first glance, but, after closer inspection they’re really a sea-washed red color. Some claim the hue of Nantucket Red was inspired by the color of the famed Nantucket sunsets while others point to the color of steamed lobster! Both camps can stake a claim for the color in my book, as they both work! Nantucket Reds are great because you can really wear almost any color shirt and put together with flip-flops, sandals or boat shoes you’re ready to go almost anywhere on the island.  Along with Reds,  the Nantucket guy can also be seen in any light colored pair of shorts or madras plaid shorts designed with a patchwork of bold colors in yellow, green, blue, orange and pink. By no means am I suggesting other colors and styles are inappropriate on the island, yet, “true Nantucket style” streamlines with the aforementioned look.  A timeless pair of Ray Ban shades completes the Nantucket look and will keep you in style throughout the day. For all you ladies with the “ACK fever” here are a few suggestions that will be sure to turn heads on the cobblestone roads.



To achieve the casual-prepster Men’s look of Nantucket or if you’re simply looking for a few items to take with you on your next weekend beach getaway, here are a few suggestions to brighten your summer wardrobe:



The standard preppy style which defines Nantucket works for practically any occasion on or off the island, as it’s a classy but casual look. From the golf links to the dinner table to your next work function, the Nantucket prepster Man always looks like he fits in wherever he goes.




By: Billy Donlon

Summer Stud DIY

Whether you are a total prepster or a rock and roll sensation there is no denying that studs are a must have. They are perfect for adding flair to everything from sneakers to jeans. I personally love to see feminine fabrics combined with some edgy studs. We have seen this hot trend reflected in the work of many marvelous designers. Louboutin has a cornucopia of studded shoes all the way from loafers to mouth watering stilettos. Marc Jacobs loves to add this unique detailing to handbags and satchels. Most of the major runway shows also sported this look and it is here to stay!

Don’t worry if you can’t afford those Louboutin loafers or Michael Kors’s studded gloves. I will show you how to stud your favorite items for much much less.

What you will need:

  1. Your favorite studs (I have recently discovered the best website ever: Shipping is always very fast! )
  2. E-6000 (you can either order this online from amazon or I found mine at Target)
  3. Toothpick
  4. Your favorite item

*E-6000 is the crème de la crème of attaching metal to fabric










So grab your glue and let’s get studding! It’s super easy.

  1. Put a dab of glue about dime size on either a paper plate or a disposable piece of plastic.
  2. Use a toothpick to apply some glue to the back of the stud
  3. Press the stud onto your item and hold for 15 seconds to let the glue dry
  4. Repeat
  5. Let your newly bedazzled item sit over night before wearing
  6. ENJOY!

Here is my DIY project: I bought these white KED wanna-be’s from Target.


Finished Product:













Also try studding some jean shorts like these for the hot summer weather. has a variety of studs and spikes in different shapes and sizes!


Here are a few things that I am excited to stud next:


Check them out at:



Poppin Pastels!

One of this season’s hottest trends, the mixing and matching of pastels. Works for men and women alike. Go to:, add these

items to your “rolling rack”, CREATE a shop window…SHARE and EARN!

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