We LOVE our SML Shopkeeper Mayi Dapena. She has an effortless easy-breezy style that cools us in this Summer heat.

DK: Describe your style in 3 words.

MD: Relaxed (one word) haha!

DK: Obvious you love fashion…What are your other interests?

MD: I love the beach (Stand Up Paddle boarding, surfing…)

DK: What is your next Shop Window inspiration?

MD: Get some SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding stuff!)…water sports would be my inspiration. Water wear, paddle, SUP board…summer stuff!

DK: If your house happens to cath on fire and you can only save ONE thing from your closet…


DK: If you got invited to meet the President of the United States, which designer would make your gown?

MD: Oscar de la Renta

DK: What is your biggest fashion faux pas?

MD: I am a walking fashion faux pas..haha!

DK: Who is your all-time favorite style icon?

MD: I don’t really have a style icon…explains the previous answer, no? šŸ˜‰

DK: Pumps or Wedges?

MD: Wedges

DK: Gorgeous necklace or show-stopping ring?

MD: ANKLET! (yes, i know it wasn’t an option…but it’s still my answer ;))

DK: Winter or Summer girl? (i think we know the answer to this one already, hehe)

MD: Yes, SUMMER!!!



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