Time Travel through Fashion with David Wolfe – Part I



Yesterday, interns Adriana, Jackyln, and Jie had the opportunity to attend a seminar led by Mr. David Wolfe, considered one of fashion’s leading experts in fashion, color, and trend forecast.  We were received by Mr. Wolfe himself and as we waited for the seminar to begin we were able to get an inside look at the different trends that seem to line all the hallways within the Doneger Group’s office.     


Mr. Wolfe started the seminar Time Travel through Fashion by introducing what the ideal woman looked like at the turn of the 20th century and continued to present how this concept evolved in the following decades during the rest of his presentation.  He touched upon the many developments such as those in the automobile, aviation, and film industries that helped transform this ideal and also described how global events catalyzed the evolution of fashion.  He spoke about how fashion was used to reflect current situations across the globe.  World War I and the Great Depression, for example, paved the way for more freedom in the way women dressed. 


Overall, the seminar was really insightful and it made the audience ponder on the intrinsic relationship between fashion and the world at large.  It was very fun to hear Mr. Wolfe speak about this topic, primarily because he is a great public speaker and has a good sense of humor.  His presentation was filled with witty remarks and fun facts that seemed to captivate the attention of everyone in attendance.   One of the most notable: the first fashion victim! Unlike the term which is nowadays used to describe a fashion faux-pas, back in the 1920s it was used to describe the tragic death of Isadora Duncan, a dancer whose fondness for long scarves ended up costing her her life — her long scarf got caught up in the wheels of the car she was in.  Tragically, she was killed by her own accessory. 


Thank you, Mr. Wolfe, for extending an invitation to Shop My Label and allowing us to take part in your seminar.  We enjoyed it immensely and we are looking forward to Part II of the seminar!!!



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