Summer Stud DIY

Whether you are a total prepster or a rock and roll sensation there is no denying that studs are a must have. They are perfect for adding flair to everything from sneakers to jeans. I personally love to see feminine fabrics combined with some edgy studs. We have seen this hot trend reflected in the work of many marvelous designers. Louboutin has a cornucopia of studded shoes all the way from loafers to mouth watering stilettos. Marc Jacobs loves to add this unique detailing to handbags and satchels. Most of the major runway shows also sported this look and it is here to stay!

Don’t worry if you can’t afford those Louboutin loafers or Michael Kors’s studded gloves. I will show you how to stud your favorite items for much much less.

What you will need:

  1. Your favorite studs (I have recently discovered the best website ever: Shipping is always very fast! )
  2. E-6000 (you can either order this online from amazon or I found mine at Target)
  3. Toothpick
  4. Your favorite item

*E-6000 is the crème de la crème of attaching metal to fabric










So grab your glue and let’s get studding! It’s super easy.

  1. Put a dab of glue about dime size on either a paper plate or a disposable piece of plastic.
  2. Use a toothpick to apply some glue to the back of the stud
  3. Press the stud onto your item and hold for 15 seconds to let the glue dry
  4. Repeat
  5. Let your newly bedazzled item sit over night before wearing
  6. ENJOY!

Here is my DIY project: I bought these white KED wanna-be’s from Target.


Finished Product:













Also try studding some jean shorts like these for the hot summer weather. has a variety of studs and spikes in different shapes and sizes!


Here are a few things that I am excited to stud next:


Check them out at:




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